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What are the different bidding options:

  • Written offer :
    You create an account via our site
    You enter the maximum amount that you want to give for certain lottery numbers.
    We will try on your behalf buy a lot at the lowest possible price.
    If we have the same bid twice for a certain lot, we give priority to the first bid received.
    Commission on the discount price is 25 %.
  • Telephone bidding :
    You are creating an account to fill in the form to bid by telephone.
    During the auction we will call you for the lot numbers you want.
    Bids by telephone start with a minimum amount of 100 €. The commission for telephone bids is 27 %.
  • Bid via online partners :
    To be able to bid during the auction via our online partners, you only need to register in advance via, www.invaluable .com, Lottissimmo, The Salesroom and Bidspirit.
    Please register as soon as possible because this is no longer possible from 5 hours before the auction.
    You must register separately for the 2 auction days.
    Note keep in mind that the commission is 27 % at Drouot and 30% at Invaluable, Lottissimo, The Salesroom and Bidspirit.
  • Live online :
    All you need to do for this is a  create an account and register for the auction in which you want to participate.
    If you are approved, you can on the day of the auction via our website live bidding.
    Commission on the auction price is 25 %.

How to create an account :

You do this by clicking on login and then on register, or via the button below. Once your details have been entered correctly and we have approved the registration, you can bid in writing, by telephone or live online.


General sales conditions buyers

The auction will take place by bidding according to the following conditions:

1. Payment is made for the collection of the goods at the latest within a period of 5 calendar days after the last auction day. Pursuant to art 10. of the Anti-Money Laundering Act, amounts from € 3,000 may only be paid either with a (bank) check (Belgian banks only), or with a credit card, or by transfer to our bank account IBAN BE 15 4643 2506 4130, Bic code KREDBEBB, transfer costs are borne by the buyer.

2. A duty of 25% for the costs plus 1.5% for Drouotonline and 5% for Invaluable, Lottissimo, The Salesroom and Bidspirit is levied on the auction price. Each new bid is increased by a tranche of 10%. Telephone bids automatically start with 100€.

3. All items are sold "as is" at the time of assignment, regardless of the description in the catalog. The potential buyer is free to check the goods during the exhibition or even bring an expert along to inspect the lots. Anyone who cannot be present can request a condition report for the goods that interest them, at the latest 48 hours before the start of the auction day on which these goods are offered. After this term, the auction house cannot guarantee that such a request will be complied with. Condition reports are carried out with the necessary care. No one is infallible, so the lack of data regarding damage cannot be invoked as a fault of the auction house. The exhibition enables the public to examine the nature, condition and dating of the goods. By bidding, the prospective buyer proves to know the nature/condition of the goods and to accept them. After the surcharge, no further complaints will be accepted regarding. condition, nature, date, etc., nor will the buyer be able to rely on his relationship of trust with the auction house. All information, whether in writing or orally provided by us, is purely informative and not binding. They are an opinion only and are provided in good faith. Buyers should be aware that photos of the items may differ slightly from reality due to lighting during shooting (color, size, etc.).

4. Complaints regarding the condition, the nature, the date, in short, the overall condition of the goods are only accepted if the buyer can submit a well-founded and documented expertise from a recognized expert, and this within a period of fourteen days after the auction. Defects in the items that are already included in the description do not qualify as a complaint.

5. If an object is damaged by a potential customer, buyer will be held accountable for this. The customer, in turn, must inform his insurance broker of the accident. In such a case, the average between the lowest and highest estimate price applies as the standard for compensation to the contributor. Potential buyers, either in the auction room itself, or those bidding via a purchase order, by telephone or online will be notified of the damage by the auction house.

6.Once the allocation has been made, the lots are the responsibility of the buyer. No goods will be delivered during the auction.

7.Each buyer is obliged to identify himself. Personal data is only used internally. After identification, the customer receives a bid number.

8.Everyone is assumed to buy for their own account and in the event of non-payment of the goods allocated to them, they will not be able to rely on a client.

9. The resale right (linked to the sale of certain works of art, of which the author is still alive or has died less than 70 years) on certain lots is mandatory. This resale right is borne by the buyer and amounts to 4% at a discount from € 2000.

10. Payment for the goods must be made within 5 calendar days after the auction. If paid, the goods can be stored for another 6 weeks free of charge. Afterwards, 2.50 € per day and per piece will be charged. If payment is not made within 5 calendar days after the auction, € 2.50 per day and per item will be charged from the first day after the auction. Goods are delivered as soon as payment is effective, either in cash or after transfer to our account. We can guarantee transport/shipping of the purchased goods for a fee. The packing of the goods is done with the utmost care, but the buyer remains responsible for damage from the moment of purchase until the moment of delivery. Please ask for a non-binding quote.

11. Both Belgian and foreign buyers who are not present or who are not represented at the auction can bid:

a. Via a purchase order or handed over during the exhibition days, or sent by e-mail. If there are similar bids for the same lot, the purchase order received first will be given preference on the forms received later. In the event of equal bids during the course of the auction, the bid in the room always takes precedence over a written / e-mailed bid. Purchase orders are accepted up to 24 hours before the start of the auction.

b. Over the phone. Telephone bids automatically start with € 100 or higher depending on the bid in the room. The auction house cannot be held responsible for any bad telephone connections and all the consequences thereof

ensuing, nor for the unavailability of the buyers via the telephone number(s) specified by them. Bids by telephone are accepted up to 24 hours before the start of the auction. In the event of equal bids during the course of the auction, the bid in the room always takes precedence.

12. In the case of mourning, the good will be offered again in a later auction. In the event of a loss of revenue, the mourner will be liable under Belgian law for the difference in minus + all costs arising from the mourning purchase. If the good achieves a higher amount than the original surcharge price, he will not be able to claim the difference in more, but he will have to vouch for the costs in min.

13. Every buyer/seller is deemed to be aware of the regulations regarding the sale of goods that fall under the Cites legislation. This can be the case for ivory, rhinoceros, horn, bone, animal material and minerals. The auction house declines any responsibility with regard to any seizure, destruction or sanction. Responsibility lies entirely with the contributor/seller or bidder/buyer.

14.By bidding, the potential buyer accepts the above sales conditions.

15.In all disputes of whatever nature, only Belgian law applies and only the court of Kortrijk is competent.

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