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Input/expertise and transport

You can contact us from Monday to Friday for the assessment and introduction of furniture, paintings, jewellery, oriental carpets, bronze statues, chandeliers, finery and other art objects

After appointment, we are also happy to come on site to estimate complete household effects, inheritances and divisions.

When you enter the auction, the estimate is done free of charge.


General terms and conditions of sale contributors.

AUCTION HOUSE = 'Auctions Debaveye' with registered office at 8530 Harelbeke, Bavikhoofsestraat 74/76, KBO nr. BE 0521 622 844

CONTRIBUTOR = he/she who delivers goods to the auction house for the purpose of having them auctioned publicly.

1. The contributor will be regarded as a private person and he hereby expressly declares to be the true owner or to have permission to sell the lot for the owner. He confirms that there is no dispute whatsoever about the lawful possession of the goods and that they are free from any legal impediment to sale, including hidden defects.

2. The contributor bears the responsibility himself with regard to the ownership, authenticity, correctness of the data and the nature and condition of the submitted documents in the event of a dispute in this regard after the sale. He undertakes to indemnify the auction house against any possible legal action.

3. All items entrusted to the auction house for public sale will be awarded to the highest bidder. If goods are withheld from the auction by the contributor, he will reimburse the auction house for all costs incurred and loss of income. For goods of which an estimate has been made and which have not been put up for auction, an expert intervention of 3% will be charged on the lowest estimated value.

4. When returning a lot, the seller has the right to place a “reserve” in mutual consultation with the auction house: This is a minimum surcharge price including commission for which the lot may be considered as sold, but no discussion will be accepted if there is a deviation is of 10%. No reserve will be accepted below 250 euros and must be expressly stated on the consignment note. The estimate price is the price that the auction house expects to achieve and can also only be regarded as a target price without any further commitment.

5. If the goods brought in have not been sold, the costs of collection will be borne by the contributor. If the unsold goods are not retrieved by the consignor within 2 months after the auction, they will be sold in a subsequent auction without reserve price at the highest bid. Unsold goods that are not collected within 12 months become the property of the auction room.

6.When selling, a commission of 15% is deducted from the discount price, plus 2.5 euros per lot as a fixed fee. If the offered piece is a piece of furniture, a carpet, miscellaneous items or lot with more than 4 pieces within the same lot, a commission of 20% will be charged plus 2.5 euros as a fixed right to absorb the costs incurred.

7. If a buyer for one reason or another refuses to collect or pay for the goods bought by him (mourning purchase), the auction house will offer the piece back in a subsequent auction or the consignor can collect the lot again without auction house receives a commission. No claim will be granted for any difference between the old and new sale price. The auction house cannot be held liable in the event of a mourning purchase.

8.The proceeds of the auction will be paid after deduction of the commission and the costs upon presentation of this consignment note from the 4th Thursday following the week of the auction. If the auction house has not received the amount owed from the buyer at the time of payment, the payment will be postponed until the auction house has received the amount owed. Pursuant to the Anti-Money Laundering Act, the proceeds of goods sold (if higher than €3000) are deposited into the customer's financial account.

9. Any collection at the contributor's home or vice versa, the return of the goods is at the expense and responsibility of the owner of the items.

10. The contributor grants the auction house the right to transfer the lots entered to a later auction, to split lots, to combine them, to auction them in other sales halls or to sell them out of hand. The auction house itself decides on the method of sale, the description in the catalog and the publicity of the goods brought in.

11. Contributors who bid on their own goods are considered by the auction house to be effective buyers and will have to pay the auction house the amount owed plus the applicable auction costs.

12. Each contributor is deemed to have taken note of the conditions above.

13. In the event of a dispute, only the courts of Kortrijk are competent.


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